Kerala Lottery Results 13 August

Kerala lottery is one of the most popular lotteries in India. Here, you can check the latest lottery draw results which are updated on a daily basis.

Kerala Lottery Results
Kerala Lottery

Known as God’s own country, Kerala rocks the headlines with inspiring instant winners like Mojiful Sheikh. He just purchased the winning lottery ticket from an old man out of sympathy. Soon enough good karma found its way back to him. You should try out your luck and purchase your first lottery ticket now!


Kerala Lottery Results

You are probably all excited to know how you fared in today’s lottery, so we don’t want to keep you waiting. See today’s Kerala lottery results by clicking the button below.

*We update this page regularly so you won’t miss the daily Kerala lottery results. If in case you missed the previous results, see the older winning numbers from this page.

About Kerala Lottery

Due to the public’s excellent response to the initiative, the neighboring states imitated the idea. The popularity of the lottery is still on the rise, and many are aspiring to be the next millionaire after Mohijul Rahima Sheikh who won Rs. 1 Crore in March 2022

Kerala lottery is the pioneer state lottery in India which started in 1986. The late  Shri. P .K. Kunju Sahib made a brilliant idea of viewing the sale of lotteries as a non-tax revenue for the state at the same time employing the unemployed citizens.

Kerala lotteryis composed of  weekly lotteries




Sthree Sakthi

Karunya Plus


The state lottery also has four(4) seasonal bumper lotteries namely: Xmas, Summer, Vishu, Monsoon, Thiruvonam, and Pooja. Ticket price ranges from 30 – 50 Rupees.

Kerala Lottery Draws

Weekly draws are every 3:00 PM on each designated draw date shown below.

  • Pournami – Sunday
  • Win-Win – Monday
  • Sthree Sakthi – Tuesday
  • Akshaya – Wednesday
  • Karunya Plus – Thursday
  • Nirmal – Friday
  • Karunya – Saturday

Kerala Lottery Results Posting

Kerala lottery results are available at Kerala Lottery official website and the official Gazette. The winner must surrender the winning ticket within 30 days from the draw date.

About its Legalities

The state government of Kerala facilitates the lottery, and any fraudulent activities will bear no tolerance by the law. There may be concerns about the citizen’s behavior towards the lottery itself, but it remains encouraged as of writing.

Kept thinking on some numbers for Kerala Lottery? Try them out now!

We all know that there’s just a small possibility to win, but luck doesn’t just knock at your doorstep. Sometimes you also have to go out and look for it. So, whether you’re dreaming about a certain number or you keep seeing it later, listen to the signs. You could be the next Kerala lottery ultimate winner.

Facts about Lottery 

Kerala lottery avid players consistently think about its interesting realities and the game intention also. If you are one of them, at that point these points are for you to check the interesting facts of the game: 

  • It is imperative to get a ticket first before playing the game because without a ticket; you are not ready to take an interest in the game. 
  • A considerable number of individuals become tycoons by playing this lottery for a significant length of time if they can do it you can; likewise, you do need to concentrate on the game. 
  • It is the most popular lottery in India, where the outcomes are accessible offline and online on the web. 
  • Kerala lottery is a legitimized lottery system in India working from years and produces loads of income for the individuals too.
  • Some of the time, extremely fortunate individuals dominated the match by simply selecting an irregular winning ticket number and dominated the game effectively. 
  • Tickets of Kerala lottery are accessible online too, yet I proposed you locate a most trusted vendor and get it from there. 
  • The triumphant prize/amount to claim process is likewise essential, you should have a won lottery ticket, and you will be able to claim your prize.
  • The winning prize is exceptionally high, as you expected. So every new and pro player has enough opportunity to dominate the match. 
  • To wrap things up, the Kerala lottery allows drawing daily, and it is known as the round of fortunate individuals. The more significant part of the master payers wins it. 

How to claim Kerala Lottery Prizes

After confirming the Kerala Lottery results, winners shall surrender the winning Kerala Lottery Ticket within 30 days from the draw and submit all necessary documents. Prizes of Kerala Lotteries up to 1 Lakh can be claimed from the District Lottery Offices of Kerala Government while tickets winning above 1 Lakh should be surrendered to the Director of State Lotteries with winner’s name, signature, and address written at the back of the tickets with required documents. Visit us regularly to see if you are one of the winners!!!

Tricks and Tips for Kerala lottery

A portion of the accompanying tricks and tips that we will give you here are Kerala Lottery Machine Tricks, Kerala Lottery Winning Formula, and Kerala Lottery Winning Tips. Here are the 10 main hints and tricks utilized by shrewd Kerala Lottery Buyers:

  1. Purchase Kerala Lottery from 10 distinct regions. This is the topmost tip on our list. 
  2. Buy 10 Kerala Lotteries with the successive sequential numbers.
  3. Purchase using the Kerala Calendar timing. Do whatever it takes not to purchase Kerala lotteries in Rahukalam if you have confidence in it. 
  4. Use Numerology, Lucky Numbers, Astrology, and other Spiritual impacts for purchasing Kerala Lotteries. 
  5. Purchase Kerala Lottery utilizing most dull won last four-digit ticket numbers. This tip is one more acceptable tip for you. 
  6. Purchase Kerala Lottery with the assistance of some held individuals whom they accept they can bring luck for them. 
  7. Purchase the same last four-digit ticket number of Kerala lottery each from the ten unique sets. 
  8. Hurl and choose Kerala lotteries. 
  9. Purchase entire Kerala lotteries from a vendor or vendor/merchant. 

Purchase 10 Kerala Lotteries tickets utilizing ten unique individuals using their cash or on sharing nuts and bolts. This is truly an excellent and safe tip used by numerous individuals in Kerala. You may apply this tip at any rate once and let us know it’s outcomes. 

Before attempting the above tricks and tips for purchasing and winning in Kerala Lottery, it would be best if you realized that these tips and tricks might not work without fail or for each individual. This is only for your data, and we don’t prescribe you to attempt this. 

Wrapping it up!

We got a portion of these top data from the daily lottery purchasers, circulating specialists, and some nearby vendors. We only want to share these Kerala Lottery details with you.

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