Kerala Lottery Online Purchase is Illegal?

Kerala lottery online purchase of tickets is the new alternative to purchasing the cards over the counter. The Kerala lottery online purchase of lottery tickets is mostly happening with new people to the lottery. Certainly, there are websites online that sell Kerala state lottery tickets. However, the Kerala government lottery norms forbid the buying and selling of lottery tickets.

kerala lottery online

Kerala lottery online purchase of tickets is the new alternative to purchasing the cards over the counter. However, thirteen states allow lotteries and they are, Kerala, Goa, Maharashtra, Madhya, Punjabi, West Bengali, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Manipur, Sikkim, Nagaland, and Mizoram. 

Kerala Draws

The Kerala government lotteries prohibit the sale of tickets online to prevent malpractices like fake lotteries. There are two regular Kerala draws daily, and bumper draws once every two months with mega value prizes. 

Kerala state hosts seven weekly lotteries and some bumper tickets. You can order your card online and receive it at your doorstep via post and courier. Always confirm the availability of the tickets as they sometimes run out. Below is a list of online Kerala state weekly lotteries.

Kerala state Bumper Lotteries

  • Vishu bumper – May
  • Pooja bumper – November
  • Xmas and Newyear bumper – January
  • Monsoon bumper – July 
  • Summer bumper – March
  • Onam – September

Best Website to purchase Lottery tickets online

Fenixindia is the most popular website for buying Kerala lottery tickets online. It is not a site that purposely sells lottery tickets, but state-run Kerala lottery tickets only. People from other states where a lottery is illegal can certainly purchase tickets from this website. It doesn’t matter where they are as they will receive their tickets through the mail to their doorsteps. 

Keep track of the state-run lottery dates before you purchase them because they often run out of stock. As a result of your participation in international lotteries, it can make you productive. The Indian gambling laws bind these lotteries, and you can play them from any part of the country. 

Kerala Lottery online purchase of tickets for anyone

Lottoland is an upcoming website which is the portal to buy international lotteries. Lottoland is a world-renown platform for international lotteries. Visitors from other states who come to Kerala pilgrimage or business can purchase Kerala tickets. If they win the prize, they must avail of the original card with evidence. 

All Kerala prize winnings exceeding Rs 10,000 attract an income tax of 30%. For instance, agents who claim a prize pay a tax rate of 10%. Small prizes of up to $600 are paid out immediately. Mid-range prizes are paid out on the same day or the next banking day. Jackpot winners receive their pay in 5-10 banking days.


Can I purchase the Kerala lottery online?

Kerala lottery is a government program, and no one is allowed to purchase its tickets online, but there are websites that indulge in the business.

Is the lottery in Kerala legal?

Yes, the lottery in Kerala is legal, as it is a government-run program. However, other private lotteries are illegal. As a result, those who engage in private lottery sales are punishable by law.

Who started the Kerala lottery 

The Kerala lottery is a state program introduced in the year 1967 by the now late Finance minister Shri P. K. Kunju Sahib.


Purchasing the Kerala lottery tickets online is illegal as per the Indian government laws. Some websites sell tickets online but remember it is unlawful. Some states are banned from engaging in the lottery. However, people from banned states can certainly purchase the tickets and receive them via mail or post. Have you played the Kerala lottery? Have you bought tickets online? Most importantly, we invite you to discuss your experience on the Kerala lottery online purchase, plus any other concerns on this post in the comment box below.  

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