Kerala Lottery Old Results: See Previous Winning Numbers

Many people are trying to figure out the next winning numbers by basing it on the previous ones. We in Kerala Lottery love to make things easier for everyone. So here’s the Kerala lottery result yesterday for your reference.

Kerala Lottery Result Yesterday

Kerala Lottery Result Yesterday

Perhaps you want to see if you won but was not aware, well these are the lottery results for the last 7 days. If you want to check the older results, click on buttons below.

06 Jul 2021 Result

02 Jul 2021 Result

29 Jun 2021 Result

25 Jun 2021 Result

03 May 2021 Result

30 Apr 2021 Result

29 Apr 2021 Result

Kerala Lottery Updates

This page will be updated once a week for your future reference. We will try to archive the previous results as much as possible in case you want to make combinations using the old winning numbers.

Earn money with Kerala Lottery

Numerous individuals need to begin another business and need to procure cash to satisfy their needs and to help their locale and family. Be that as it may, they don’t have a clue how to put resources accurately. They put resources into some horrible thoughts and lose their cash just as their occasions. In this way, don’t worry, since we are here to control you.

As everybody realizes that Kerala Lottery is an incredible game presented in India, a vast amount of cash put resources into it every day. A large number of individuals continuously get money related advantages from this. Presently, that is your go-to profit. To purchase a modest lottery ticket by burn through few Rupees and hang tight for the Kerala Lottery. If you are sufficiently fortunate, at that point, you will win an enormous measure of cash.

How to win the Kerala Lottery?

Kerala Lottery is an old lottery held in India. Many citizens are playing this form of the lottery for many years since it has started and winning prizes and changing their prospects with no battle. I might want to reveal to you that, you can win the lottery by playing it routinely, continue playing and there ought to be no expand to play the lottery if there will be expanded to play the lottery, then the odds will decrease.

So play the lottery consistently, and there will be no uncertainty to win the lottery. Lottery winning relies upon your luck, and your chance relies upon your perseverance to win, and you wish ought to be trailed by your normality. Good luck and continue visiting for the most recent result of Kerala Lottery.


Kerala Lottery Result Today will be refreshed online on this page. You may watch and download the present result here from this page. As you probably are aware, Kerala Lottery Result declared at 4:00 PM on the regular schedule.

However, we also provide the list of the results from several days ago that you might want to know and match if your number got the winning numbers.

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  1. It’s not helping, I have tried using old usual number basing on historical data shown on this website but it’s not working, I failed for 2 consecutive days. Too frustrating…


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