Kerala Karunya Lottery Result (Saturday Draw)

Find out from this page if you got the Karunya lottery winning numbers. Kerala lottery will be your source of the updated result for this Saturday draw. Don’t miss this chance to try your luck and change your life. We hope you got it right!

Kerala Karunya Lottery Result

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About Kerala Karunya Lottery

Karunya Lottery is also one of the 7 weekly lotteries of the Kerala state lotteries. Weekly draws are every Saturday. Kerala state lottery is the pioneer state lottery in India. It aims to help fund the state with less tax. At the same time, it also gives employment opportunities to its citizens.

The late Shri. P .K. Kunju Sahib in 1986 formed the idea of state lotteries and now continues to expand opportunities for the state. Due to the lottery’s great impact, other states started to implement their own lottery system.


Kerala lottery weekly draws are held at 3:00 PM. The draw results can be viewed on the state-lotteries’ website but it’s also shown above. Typically, western lotteries websites flash the results on the website. However, lotteries in India prefer downloaded results in PDF format.

Other Kerala Lotteries

There are other weekly lotteries in India that are worth trying in. Below are the other lotteries available in Kerala:

Tickets Prices and Prizes

Ticket prices start at Rs 30 and a whole book costs Rs 750. Of course, the first prize winner will bag Rs 8,000,000. The second prize winner will win Rs 1,000,000. There are 10 winners for the 3rd prize and will receive Rs 100,000 each. The next prizes for winners are as follows:

4th Prize5000
5th Prize1000
6th Prize500
7th Prize100

Winners Liability

Winners should claim their prize in 30 days starting from result release day. But, they should check and verify their ticket numbers with the winning numbers in the publishes Kerala Gazette before surrendering the tickets.


The lottery is facilitated by the state government and any fraudulent activities against it would be punished in accordance with the law. There may be concerns about the citizen’s behavior towards the lottery itself but it remains encouraged as of writing.

Final thoughts

Karunya Lottery Results in contain the rundown of all Kerala government Karunya Lottery Results on each Saturday’s Karunya Lottery Result is being distributed. The prediction of the Karunya lottery results reporting on Saturday 4:30 PM. The main prize of Kerala Lottery: Karunya Lottery is 100,00,000/ – (one crore rupees).

The lottery has been famous around the globe and people’s anticipation for the draw dates remains the same. Well, it can’t be blamed because nothing feels so good that having instant cash.

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