The Conclusive Guide on How to Check Lottery Sambad Result Online

Sambad Lottery schedule upgrade list is like the one below. Today we will give you the conclusive guide on how to check lottery Sambad result online just like how we discussed about dhankesari lottery result online. We have more to tell you in our site so keep an eye for the details you will have using where we can also give you the updates about Kerala Lottery like Kerala Pournami lottery.

lottery sambad result

The lottery system in India intends to rid poverty as well as cope up with unemployment. By introducing this lottery game system, the Govt of Kerala gained significantly on economic stability. The Govt raises funds, and as a result, there is a terrific support to those who win the lottery game on an everyday basis.

  •  Monday – Win-Win 
  • Tuesday – Dhanasree 
  • Wednesday – Akshaya 
  • Thursday – Karunya Plus 
  • Friday – Bhagyanidhi 
  • Saturday – Karunya 
  • Sunday – Pournami 

Lottery Sambad Game app

Sambad lotto is an extremely well-known and popular lottery game in India. The resulting schedule we give you as per the following details. Today, the first lottery sambad happens at 11:55 AM, second lotto sambad at 4 PM, and the final sambad outcome at 8 PM.

Sambad lottery is likewise accessible in West Bengal and Kolkata. You can get a sambad lottery game chart available if you are regular clients of Lottery sambad. You can also download and set up a lottery game sambad app on your mobile phone.

Fanatics of sambad lottery game results get information to download and view all Sambad lottery game outcomes in the specified timings. You can see also sambad lottery game past results. Sambad lotto ideas likewise appear on the homepage as they happen. Inspect and read thoroughly to get the details. You can buy tickets from the nearest outlet around your place. While Kerala lottery has online purchase of tickets. But Kerala lottery online purchase is illegal.

First Sambad Draw

The First Lottery Sambad Today Outcome 11 AM draw is in the Morning. It is also a popular type named as Nagaland state lottery game. The morning draw is the 1st opportunity of winning the sambad lottery.

More demand from participants makes us provide more functions and more lotto outcomes in this application. You can get the app on any android version of your phone. It will display draw results at 11:55 AM, 4 PM, and 8 PM.

The application is 100% under protection; it is responsive and free to utilize — user-friendly Styles to assist the users. There different kinds of lottery games like Sambad, and they all have the nation code descriptions. Sambad lotto is a popular lottery game, and everyone wishes to become a part of the lottery game.

Here are some of the types of lotto Sambad 2019. 

  • lotto Sambad Bhutan 
  • West Bengal state lottery 
  • Sambad 2019 lottery 
  • Lottery Sambad Banga Lakshmi 
  • Sambad bangasree extreme lottery 
  • Dear kind Sambad lottery 
  • Falcon Sambad lotto
  • Dear fortune Sambad lottery  

On the other hand, various lotteries also update online besides Sambad lotteries. Go to the particular plan and click on a date, and you will get the outcomes at a specific time. In Kerala, you have an option of Kerala lottery old results.

Opening a certain draw date is how you can examine Sambad lottery old results. Besides, if you wish to make from the lottery results, you can get the most recent lottery game outcomes and offer it to individuals.

A winner needs to recheck the outcomes after the statement. If they find an issue, they can claim their prize by filling a form that is readily available on the web. Individuals who go into lotto must give their name, postal address, PAN, Call of Branch, and bank. Night results of the Sambad lottery happen at 4 PM and 8 PM.


What is Sambad Lottery

Sambad lottery is the first lottery in West Bengal with a total of three draws daily in Nagaland.

Where is Sambad

Sambad is a local Odia language daily with the largest circulation in Odisha.

How often can I play the Sambad lottery game?

The Sambad lottery is available every day of the week.


Sambad lottery is a well-known government-run lottery game whose primary intention is to bring down poverty levels and unemployment. Buy the lottery ticket and see how it works out for you since the results are online at specific times.

Therefore, you will not struggle or wait too long to know if you are a winner. Share your experience on checking Sambad draw results online and any observations concerning this post below.

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