How to Check Dhankesari Result Online for Today and Yesterday

Dhankesari lottery is one of the largest and most popular widespread lotteries in West Bengal, Sikkim Nagaland. Access the dhankesari today’s result and download the result as a pdf to save. Today’s draw outcome is readily available via the dhankesari website. Discover how to check Dhankesari result online for today and yesterday. And more like Sikkim lotto outcome, Nagaland lottery outcome, lottery sambad result, West Bengal lottery result.

how to check dhankesari result online

Daily, to check dhankesari result online update at the exact times always. The daily draws take place at 11:55 AM, 4 PM and 8 PM. You can visit the dhankesari website and see the results your or in case you are late, you can down the pdf format to go through them later.  

Dhankesari Lottery details

  • The Dhankesari Lottery State – West Bengal, Nagaland
  • Time of first Dhankesari Lottery 11:55 AM – Dear Tender Morning
  • Second Dhankesari Lottery result 4 PM – Dear Bangabhumi Ajay
  • Final Dhankesari Lottery result 8 PM – Dear Vulture Evening
  • Lottery Draw time – 11:55 AM, 4 PM, 8 PM
  • Category of Lottery – Dhankesari Lottery Sambad
  • Dhankesari 1st Prize – Rupees 26.26 Lakhs 

There are three lottery draws each day, with the results uploading online on the dhankesari website; the winners also appear online where you can visit the site and get this information. You also have the opportunity to download the results and watch them later in pdf format. Tips to guess Kerala lottery numbers are available with our site:

Dhankesari Results for Yesterday

Dhankesari results online update at the time of the draw, which is at 11:55 AM, 4 PM, and 8 PM. You also have the privilege to find yesterday’s draw results if you miss the live release.

Just as the daily results are available in pdf format for download, so are the old results. Sometimes the draw results upload late, but you have nothing to worry yourself about as you can access them online at your convenient time. If you are a player of Kerala Lottery, it is now convenient to see the old result of Kerala Lottery.

Why Dhankesri is Important

The Indian people are extremely poor, and most of the population survives from hand to mouth. Dhankensari lottery provides the opportunity to dream and as a result, maybe win big in the lottery and turn their lives around. Lotteries are common in India, and the people adopt to lotteries to escape poverty.

Lotteries in India have changes people’s fate, changed statuses from grass to grace. However, others only dream of this opportunity. Other lottery is speculated to be illegal like Kerala Lottery.

Anyone can buy the dhankesari lottery ticket as it is cheap, and indeed, millions of people buy tickets in daily draws — most of those who participate in the lottery triumph. To the Indian people, the dhankesari lottery is the golden chance to cheat poverty and as a result, be able to afford the essential things in life.


How many times is the dhankesari draw happen?

The dhankesari draw happens thrice on a daily basis.

Who can buy the dhankesari lottery ticket?

The dhankesari ticket is so cheap and as a result, anyone can afford it.


Dhankensari lottery draw is available on their website three times in a day. The draw results update online, and people have the opportunity to download them in pdf format further and save the data. You can also find old draw results on the website, and just like daily results, they are also in pdf ready for download.

Login to the dhankesari webpage and have the online experience of watching live draw results and know the winners. You can also save the results for future reference. Leave a comment below about this post or dhankesari lottery in general.

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