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Notice: Due to Lockdown, all draws are cancelled from 04.05.2021 onwards.

Kerala lottery is one of the first lotteries in India that draws seven weekly lotteries from Monday to Sunday. It covers different states, and each has its designated day. Here, you can view the daily lottery results, which are also available for download in PDF format.

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Kerala Lottery publishes the current and old results. Check the results below:

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Kerala Lottery is indeed popular across India. However, aside from Kerala Lottery, we also publish other state lotteries for your convenience. Click on each button to see the draw results of respective lottery.


Kerala is known as God’s country. It became popular when Mojiful Sheikh unexpectedly won the lottery. Hence, Kerala lottery is born.

As one of the pioneer states in India, Kerala lottery has been a great help to many of the state’s citizens. Started in 1986 with just a few staffs, Kerala lottery now has hundreds of employees from different places in India.

It began when Shri. P. K. Kunju Sahib initiates the non-tax revenue for the sales of lotteries. Due to this idea, unemployed people are given a job to sustain their living. Kerala lottery now has a growing family of workers.

Now, Kerala lottery has an online platform which publishes daily lottery results. This will be of great help to the entire lottery community for easy access and convenience, particularly to check if you win in Kerala lottery.

Kerala Lottery Draws

Kerala lottery publishes results seven days a week. Daily draws are every 3:00 PM and results are available on the website. To claim the prize, the winner must surrender the Kerala lottery ticket within 30 days from the draw date, otherwise, prize will be forfeited.

Kerala lottery draws are as follows:

  • Win-Win – Monday
  • Sthree Sakthi – Tuesday
  • Akshaya – Wednesday
  • Karunya Plus – Thursday
  • Nirmal – Friday
  • Karunya – Saturday
  • Pournami – Sunday

How to claim your prize

Any winner of a Kerala lottery will give up the prize-winning ticket within 30 days of the date of the draw with every single fundamental file. 

Prizes up to 1 Lakh Indian rupees might be asserted from the District Lottery Offices concerned. Prize-winning tickets over 1 Lakh Rupees will be given up before the Director of State Lotteries in Kerala in the wake of fastening the name, address, and mark of the prize champ on the rear of the lottery tickets with the accompanying documents.

Prize Claim Procedures 

You can see a claim application alongside a photostat duplicate of the two sides of the Kerala lottery ticket, self-validated by the candidate. 

Two Passport size photos of the victor appropriately self witness by a Notary/Gazetted Officer. A receipt for the prize cash in the endorsed structure joining an income stamp worth Rs.1/ – with the full location of the lottery prize victor (download). 

Guardianship authentication from a strong position, if the lottery prize victor is a minor. One of the prize victors ought to approve to get the prize cash, and a ‘Joint Declaration’ with a stamp paper worth Rs 50/ – ought to execute if it is a joint claim. 

Self witness to duplicate of the PAN Card

Self witness to report to demonstrate personality. These are the attested duplicate of Ration Card, Driving License, Passport, Election ID Card, and so on) of the Kerala lottery prize champ. 

Prize Claim Through Banks 

Prize can likewise be asserted through Nationalized, Scheduled, or State/District Co-Operative banks. The prize-winning ticket ought to be given up to manage an account with all the above records, if fundamental. The bank ought to present the claim to the Director of State Lotteries with the accompanying testaments: 

  • Authorization letter from the winner.The declaration from the getting bank (download) 
  • The declaration from the gathering bank (download) 
  • Assessment on Prize Money 

For KeralaLottery prize cash more than Rupees 10,000

Personal expense at the winning rate will be deducted and credited into the focal government account. An income assessment of 30% will be deducted for all the prize-winning cases surpassing Rs. 10,000. For the operator’s prize claims, a total of the proportion of 10% of the claim will be deducted as a personal duty. 

By and by, no additional charge or instructive is deducted according to the Income Tax rules. Prize-winning tickets above Rs.1 Lakh and up to Rs.20 Lakhs will be passed for installment by the Deputy Director(Prize) and that over 20 lakhs by the Director.

Kerala State Ticket Cost 

Kerala State Lotteries players can purchase a book of tickets or a single ticket for each draw. Tickets for Thursday and Saturday draws are somewhat progressively costly, costing Rs. 40. While a single ticket for most draws costs Rs 30. The books of tickets cost Rs 750 for most draws, and Rs 1000 for the Thursday and Saturday draws. Comparative costs to Sikkim State Lottery and Punjab State Lottery. 

The guard lottery draws have more significant prizes than the ordinary draws, and higher ticket costs also. Single tickets cost either Rs 100 or Rs 200. Ticket books for guard lottery draw value either Rs 1000 or Rs 2000. 

Kerala State Jackpots Size 

The Kerala State Lotteries’ customary big stakes fluctuate as indicated by the day of the week. The Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday draw have the littlest bonanzas of Rs 60 lakhs. The Monday can be somewhat progressively rewarding with a bonanza prize of Rs 65 lakhs. On Sundays, Kerala State Lotteries has a bonanza prize of Rs 70 lakhs. Thursdays and Saturdays are the most extravagant draws with bonanzas of Rs 80 lakhs.

Kerala State Lotteries guard draws populace for their more significant than usual big stakes. The top prizes change, yet extend from Rs 3 crore to Rs 7 crore. Would you like to turn into a wealthy person? Evaluate worldwide lotteries! 

Least Jackpots and Jackpot Caps 

Kerala State Lotteries has a set of bonanzas for its draws, instead of climbing big stakes as some other lottery games do. This implies it doesn’t generally have the least big stakes or bonanza tops. The most noteworthy significant stake for every one of day by day attract stays stable week to week, even though Kerala State Lotteries builds its prizes all through time to keep pace with player desires. 

Since guard lottery draws are less continuous, the big stake prizes may shift from year to year. In any case, present-day guard draws consistently have enormous significant stake prizes worth a few rupees crores. 

Greatest Jackpots 

Kerala State Lotteries’ big stakes can change lives. Nobody demonstrates that more than Mojiful Rahima Sheik, a poor youthful dad from West Bengal. He moved to Kerala, where he looked for some kind of employment on a building site.

He made just Rs 50 per day; however, wound up driven by a nearby lottery seller offering passes to endure. He chose to help the man by spending his whole everyday profit on lottery tickets. His great karma rewarded when his lottery ticket won the Rs 1 crore, summer guard, significant stake in March 2016. 

A vehicle shop specialist recognized distinctly as Ganesh from Palakkad got fortunate when he won the Rs 8 crore significant stake in October 2016’s Thiruvonam guard lottery draw.

He was so bustling working that he was unable to try and check his ticket for about fourteen days after the draw. Fortunately, he introduced it to the bank before the lottery cutoff time.

Ideally, his success permitted him to take a well-earned get-away! On the off chance that you are hoping to win the enormous big stakes, we prescribe to look at Lotto247 and the Lotter lottery surveys.


Kerala lottery will try to update this website everyday so you won’t miss any of the daily results. We would also save old results for your reference. You can also use the winning numbers to make your own combinations and try guessing the next winning Kerala lottery numbers.

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Kerala Lottery is continuously updating to provide you with the latest results. If in case you have some concerns regarding the results, you can always reach our team. Kerala lottery is always open to assist you as much as we can.

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